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    cc2017  I  win 10  I  preview window white at startup on dual screen




      I've been searching for my problem over the net, but haven't found any solution.
      Also, i've been asking Adobe, and they replied this is a gpu driver issue.
      But still whatever official driver version from Nvidia i install, the problem is there.


      My config is new, bought three months ago, it's for Octane in 3D.
      3 Titan X  Maxwell + 1 Titan X Pascal  and after effects is the only Adobe app that has this problem.


      Here is the problem :

      - on a dual screen configuration the preview window of the app is white, nothing can be shown here but a full white background.
      - If i quit after effects, once it's quited :  then it is still in the background applications working.


      Cases where i don't have the problem :
      If i delete the preferences and start after effects again, and :
      - if i start after effects with only one monitor connected
      - if i start with a dual monitor connected but after effects window app is in only one monitor.


      I have already tried :
      - to reinstall after effects from scratch,
      - to install different versions of drivers from Nvidia,
      - adding in the gpu supported text file in the app folder both Titan X and Titan X (Pascal)
      - plugging the monitors on another gpu



      I think my problem is not related to hardware as i would have read this type of problem already on the net,

      it's not related to Nvidia driver i've been configuring it at the defaults.
      All of the other apps are well working on dual screens, including the Adobe ones.
      It's in the dual screens that this is happening.


      I thank you so much for your ideas,