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    DNG Files [Unable to preview DNG files from DJI Phantom 4 drone]


      I am quite certain this will have been answered somewhere but I have looked and can't see it.


      I am running a MacBook Pro 2015 and a MacBook Air 2013 both updated to maxOS Sierra 10.12.2.


      I have a CC registration and all the products are up to date.


      I also have Camera raw installed and that too is up to date.


      Despite that, the DNG files taken on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro do not show in preview on either Macs. The files will open and can be edited but on the mac itself, in photoshop, in lightroom and in Bridge, I cannot preview files - the only way I can see what it is is by opening it fully.


      Can someone please assist as I know people that have this running no problem and they can preview their files!


      Greatly appreciated