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    How can import folder be created by shoot date?

    Matthias DE



      I am using Lightroom 6.8 and experience the following problem:


      1. I import photos from my iPhone, but leave many on the phone - all fine

      2. I "touch" some of those photos on the iPhone with e.g. face recognition

      3. I take more iPhone photos

      4. I import photos again from my iPhone

      5. New photos are imported normally. The modified photos are not recognized as existing but as new, and, when you import them they are imported into folders according to their shoot date. This leads not only to duplicate photos, but makes it alos quite difficult to find them. The exif-data are not used for folder creation which I would prefer obviously


      Is there a way to avoid doubble imports and/or to let lightroom use the shoot date for import folder creation?


      Thanks for your advice