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    After effects Sum Numbers & expressions

    Cameraman84 Level 1

      Goodmorning guys and to all forum!

      I would like to ask a question...I would like to build a project which I will change two numbers and all of the following take place automatically! Explain...

      Part 1:

      I have to layers, Number 1 and Number 2. Suppose I put to the No1 the value 15 and to the No2 the value 5. Automatically i want to a new layer sum this numbers (20) like the photo.



      Part 2:

      Next, I would like to built a chart below take the prices automatically according to the numbers that I gave. Explain...

      From the above sum, i want the layer with the value 20 understands automatically that is the 100%. So to the chart the shapes changes automatically and understands that for the No1 with the value 15 is the 75% (15*100/20) and for the No2 with the value 5 is the 25% (5*100/20).

      Probably i need for the value of the mumbers a Solid with Numbers effect and not a text? And if someone knows the expressions...


      Sorry for my english, is not very well

      Thank you all - Σας ευχαριστώ όλους (in Greek)

      friendly John K.