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    Configuration error


      I bought Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from e-Gear.se four months ago. E-Gear.se is a swedish certified reseller, https://e-gear.se/adobe-photoshop-lightroom.html

      I've had to "re-register" my product on three occasions since I first installed it. I get a message saying my 30-day trial period is over, even though I've paid for it. I had to enter my serial-code for the third time today and then, after 30 minutes of active using, it stopped working. I can't open the program any more. I get a popup saying:

      "Configuration error


      Please uninstall and reinstall the product.

      If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support for help, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.

      Error: 16



      I'm unable to uninstall the product. What am I suppose to do? I'm sick and tired of all the errors I've encountered on a product I've paid for.