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    how do I attach MCs only once?

    shintashi Level 1
      I want to load animated movie clips with a toggle key (a blinking light that indicates something is turned on). Instead, it loads the first frame of the animated clip and when the toggle is shut off, it removes it. I've also tried the gotoAndplay method, and both produce the same "on/off" problem, so I figured I would have more luck with the attach MC.

      is there a way to tell the program to detect for that attached movie clip, and if it exists, do not load another one/ or prevent that one from playing?
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          clbeech Level 3
          ok - you're making a 'toggle' button(mc) right? there's a easier way to do this really than attaching and removing clips - although this would work :)

          really what you need is to place the two clips - the one that is the 'up' or 'off' state on a bottom layer, then place the 'blinking' clip directly above it in same position. then 'toggle' the visibility of the blinking clip. then what you can do every time the button is clicked - check to see if the 'blinking' clip is visible or not and invoke the opposite state. this works very well for most toggling situations. I've made a quick example for you HERE