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    DSLR pics imported to premiere 14 magnified


      im running premiere 14 (i also have photoshop and organizer).  i'm uploading pictures from my dslr *see below for picute size" onto my timeline along with hd video. The pictures are zoomed in when i upload them.  I'm pretty sure that the pixels are the problem but i'm not entirely sure how to fix the problem so i can see the whole picture instead of only 25% of the picture. 

      The pictures i'm importing are:  dimensions-6000x4000pixels resolution-300dpi bit depth-24

      my system specs:

      windows 10 home version 1607 64 bit

      intel i7-6820hk 2.70GHz    

      16 Gb Ram

      nvidia geforce gtx 1080

      i searched the adobe premiere forums and couldn't find anything about this particular issue after searching for several hours.  Felt it might be better to just ask here instead.  I did ask on reddit and one person said that there is no way for me to use those photos in premiere elements 14.....kind of a bummer since i'm 40 and that's probably the only time i'll go to Disney...

      I'll take any ideas...

      here is what i'm seeing in premiere 14photoshop picture for testing .jpg

      and here is the original picture.....disney photo comparison for adobe post.png



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you're using your photos to make an HD slide show, they need only be 1920x1080 pixels in size -- or no larger than 2500x1875, if you plan to pan and zoom over them. Using higher resolution photos won't give you better-looking slideshows. They only bog down the program and sometimes cause weird behavior.


          Also, you don't say what your preferences are set to -- but look under Edit/Preferences/General. Is Default Scale to Frame Size checked?


          When this option is checked, photos that you import into your project will be artificially resized to fit your video frame. (Although this may not work on some HUGE photos.)


          When this option is uncheck, photos that you import into your project will appear at their actual size -- which may be larger than your video frame. This allows you extra pixels to create a pan and zoom.

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            ThunderPancake Level 1

            omg!! Steve Grisetti replied to me!! i just want to thank you so much, out of this whole weekend i've watched more of your content than anyone, your voice and meter at which you talk is amazing.  i've gotten more out of your tutorials than anything else i've researched on then internet.  Also i subscibed to your muvipix youtube channel as well this weekend. 

            I'm actually doing a combination of pictures and hd videos....

            you were correct, i did not have the "Default Scale to Frame Size" checked.. that fixed the issue even with the 6000x4000pixel pic that i shot. you are awesome and i cannot thank you enough...so many hours and you knew the solution in seconds, you're amazing!!


            steve grisetti response to adobe.png