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    Flash on Linux feedback

    geraldm34254293 Level 1


      So I downloaded and installed Flash 64 bit on my pc which is running Ubuntu Mate 16.04.01 LTS 64 bit.

      I was hoping it would work with DRM content specifically HBO Nordic (similar issue with HBO Go so I have heard). I do have HAL installed.

      But anyway same problem it just hangs when starting to watch a program. On the Adobe DRM test page it is the same thing as before with v24.0.0.194 it stops at accessing license file and just hangs.

      On the positive side Flash still worked on other sites that didnt require DRM. I did go to settings and remove old files and on the global setting I reset the license files but it didnt help.


      If you need help testing to get the DRM to work let me know, I am very keen to get a solution....

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          geraldm34254293 Level 1

          Some extra info

          It was the NPAPI 64/bit plugin for Firefox I was talking about.

          Also note that I tried it out watching non DRM content and there are signs of video tearing which seems random ie not necessarily connected to fast moving scenes. The same scenes on Chrome with Flash were OK.

          All this was tested on a linux Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 system with Intel H81 graphics

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            maria__ Adobe Employee



            DRM support is currently not available on Flash Player for Linux.  To find out what features/bug fixes are included in a given beta release, please view the Release Notes, linked to from the beta download page, http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashruntimes/flashplayer/ .




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              geraldm34254293 Level 1


              Yes my bad, I thought it might have been sneaked in there despite not being mentioned, since its a major deal for Linux users. I cannot believe its taking so long to implement,

              Maybe you can tell me, how does Chrome browser running on linux based Chrome OS have a working Adobe Flash player even on DRM content (ie I can watch HBO online with Chrome with Flash Player on Chrome OS)? Do they know something Adobe don`t or what? Or do you both know something that you are not willing to share with everybody else???


              Everyone wanting to use a stock linux distro such as Ubuntu for media viewing (such as myself) is eagerly awaiting an answer to this pain in the neck issue.

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                In general, Adobe is investing in DRM and HTML5 video, which is where things are heading.   The DRM and Primetime video in Flash Player  are actually developed and contributed by dedicated engineering groups working on Primetime and DRM, and I can't really speak expertly to their business strategy or timelines.  Those questions are better posed to the Adobe Primetime group for comment. 


                If DRM support were to come to Linux, given the larger ecosystem trends, I would expect to see it in the form of Primetime and Adobe Access support for HTML5 video and not for video delivered over Flash Player.  Similarly, I expect that as our engineering focus around rights-managed video turns to HTML5, that you'll see the premium video streaming services transition to HTML5 in tandem.  There are definitely no short-term plans to deliver DRM support for Linux.