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    Import not working


      I have several catalogs. My main catalog is now above 100.000 photos. Suddenly, after an interrupted optimize/backup session, Lightroom stopped importing photos to the main catalog: import button is grayed out and import option is disabled in file / import photos and video. And also the backups of my hard drives were already loaded with the "bad" catalog...

      After a nightmare weekend I managed to get the catalog working: I reeinstalled Lightroom cc but that didn't solve the problem. I then exported all my catalog, it took almost two days to complete, and the exported catalog did work normally, and I could finally import some new photos I had and that I needed to work on.

      Then, a few minutes ago, I decided to go trough the optimization / backup process, just in case, before going to bed. Bad luck. It is this process that causes the problem, I'm again not able to import photos. And I'm now exporting all the catalog to start over again...

      And I swear: I'll not backup or optimize any more any of my other catalogs!!!!!

      Lightroom CC (2015.8) on Windows10 64bits

      Hope that Adobe can fix this...


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          camera_man Level 1

          I must add the following

          1 - besides not being able to import, Lightroom rests terribly sluggish when trying to use the catalog

          2 - I just made a new experience: I created a new catalog and overnight I left it overnight importing all the contents from the non-working  catalog. Today morning I had, as expected, a brand new, perfectly working, catalog.

          Then, I copied the file *.lrcat from the non-working to the new catalog, replacing the original. The new catalog got the problem, sluggish and no import button. So it seems that the problem is in the file lrcat and not int the folders containing previews and so on.

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            photofan731 Level 1

            Same problem here, I have been having problems with 2015.8 - panels disappearing, when deleting images the screen flashes and tonight I had to restart ...since then I cannot import, the two lower sections missing

            I unistalled and reinstalled tonight and still same problems

            No other problems with my Mac Sierra

            Please help