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    Lightroom mobile export to client. How?

    Ian Jukes

      I'm trying to limit my workflow to only using an iPad. For the most part I'm happy but am struggling to find a way to export images to my clients.


      I have made a collection, filtered the images by star rating, but hit a wall when it comes to sending them.


      How can I?:


      1. Select all the images in a collection and send the full resolution files to my clients?

      2. Export full resolution images to other apps such as Dropbox or Zenfolio?

      3. Save full resolution images to the photos app but in a way that each export is contained in an album. They just seem to be added to the camera roll which is messy.


      There seems to be a 15 image limit on selections, why is that?

      I also tried the share collection option but the client can only save a low resolution version right?