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    Problem with UGEE 1910b working with Photoshop


      Ok so I have been using my fairly new UGEE 1910b tablet with a few different drawing programs recently and decided it was time to get Photoshop.

      Well when I tried to use any brushes I noticed that there was no difference in opacity or size with my brush, after trying out some things I saw online and watching some videos I finally got opacity to work... but not size. In the Shape dynamics section in the "Brush" window i noticed a lot of people talking about changing the setting but i just cant; everything is grayed out and cannot be changed. I'm not sure why opacity is working but size isn't, it doesn't make much sense in my opinion but hey i'm not super tech savvy.



      The UGEE 1910b doesn't have many tablet settings (like almost none) and yes i have tried reinstalling and updating drivers like 4 times.