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    Muse making image files way to large


      Went through today dropping file sizes on any images for my site, load time has been total crap since i started using muse.

      Largely my fault for using such high quality huge file size images rushing to get things built.


      How ever I have noticed that muse is taking my images when i have different opcaity levels and, for example


      A texture file i am using as back ground images for div boxes Normaly a 64kb jpeg file, muse is saving it as a png after resizing and the file size becomes 750kb

      Another normally a 75kb jpeg file becomes a 1,5meg png


      Cannot find a setting anywhere to stop this. What can i do to make this not happen other than just not use opacity on images.


      I mean shouldnt it but using css to do the opactiy anyway? not a massive see through png file