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    HELP Before I loose the plot!

      We've been asked to design a purchasing/ordering program for a client that will be used internally. The main request is that the products they sell show on the system as a rotatable 3D image, and when you click on certain areas of the product, the image seperates/explodes into the pieces that make up that area of the product, each piece is selectable, and when clicked it will add that item to a ording list.

      The functionally must include all the things a typical E-Cart database includes, like client information, order information, order tracking, invoices etc.

      We have all fallen out over this as to how we set it up.

      My suggestion was to use, Flex for the front end, xml, and mySQl for the backend.

      Another 's suggestion is to simply download some freebie e-commerce cart script, and blast it with Flash animations of the 3D products

      Another idea was to outsource the lot and let someone else have the headache lol

      Can anyone suggest the most suitable line of action....before we start hurting eachother in this office?

      many thanks