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    Develop settings copied to images in LR desktop not present in LR mobile. Help!


      I'm not sure which update to Lightroom Mobile broke it, but recently I've noticed any for many images that I copy develop settings to in the desktop version of Lightroom don't display the same develop settings in Lightroom Mobile. It hasn't always been this way.


      For example, if I process an image on the desktop using a preset, then make adjustments, the image will display in Lightroom Mobile correctly. If I copy the settings from that image and paste them to another, the image will not display all the settings or adjustments correctly.


      All my software is up-to-date. I've contacted Adobe support and they did all the things you'd expect, deleting sync data, signing in and out, making new adjustments, etc. Nothing works.


      Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue or have any insight into what could be the cause?