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    Laptop GPU diff btw GTX 1060m and gtx 1070m


      Buying a custom built Clevo Barebone - P750DM2 laptop with i7 7700. Just a beginner in AE, Premiere and C4D. .. no idea on the projects that will come to me. Buying for learning these softwares. On which projects exactly the difference between GTX 1060m and gtx 1070m comes into play? Want to take a decision based on current necessity and future necessity... If gtx 1070m is required only for some red 4k footage like that?

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          the gtx 1050 ti would be the normal recommended video card for that cpu, so the gtx 1060 6gb should be more than plenty. the cpu usually does most of the work and the video cards only help with gpu accelerated fx. if you are using other software or gpu accelerated plugins/renders, then depending on that software a faster video card may help.