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    CC and OS on an external drive




      i have my OS (macOS) installed on an external thunderbolt drive.

      (almost) daily i use this drive on my imac at home and later the day

      on my imac in the office.


      so in fact, i am using the CC apps on (physically) two different computers,

      but just on one drive with the OS. shouldn't be a problem related to the

      license rules of Adobe CC.


      this works, but everytime i start an app on the other imac, i have

      to login to the adobe account again. e.g. if i do home office a couple of days

      and do not switch the imac, everything is perfect, but i f i "switch" to the

      other imac, the login is necessary again.

      i deal with this necessity since i am a CC customer, but i do not understand,

      why it is not possible just to "store" the login info (maybe the computers

      hardware ID?) of both of the imacs on the OS/drive.


      it would be soooo cool, if the CC devs could change this.


      .best from Berlin, Germany


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          dennisk5665698 Level 1

          additional info:


          - currently i am in the office and i started photoshop and i prompted to connect/login to the account

          - so i did and in my account "manager" both computers are lists - as i would expect it


          but if i am at home in the evening, i would prompted again to connect/login, if i would start an adobe CC app.


          see my attached screenshot.





          Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-06 um 10.55.55.png

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            if computer hardware changes, you're using a different computer.  the cc programs and desktop app should detect that and request a sign-in whenever your computer changes.


            that's expected behavior and unless adobe decides to give its software away free, that will never change.

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              dennisk5665698 Level 1



              in fact, i am allowed to use Adobe CC on two different computers with their own OS on their internal drives. And i will NOT be prompted to login every time i switch workin further on the other computer.


              i have two computers too, just with the difference to start the same OS from an external drive. But in my usecase i am prompted to login all the time.


              In my opinion this is just a technical problem. In fact, all the time just two computers are listed in my device manager. But i have to login again and again and again.