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      Three weeks ago, I downloaded a free trial version of Lightroom 5 and installed it on my Mac. It is still available as a trial version, though not from adobe but from some german server I don't remember. I selected LR5 assuming LR6 is only available for subscription, not my favourite way of licensing software. After 30 minutes of trial, I noticed that LR5 cannot handle the RAW (RW2) files of my Panasonic G81, which is relativly new on market. I deinstalled LR5 on the same day, but paused my efforts for three weeks. Yesterday I came back installing LR CC as a trial after the register process at adobe, because it came to my mind that I can convert LR CC later to the LR6 perpetuum licence model. But the trial period was almost over (6 days remaining), because the old LR5 version obvisously started the period for LR CC as well. What can I do now? I don't have much time this week for evaluating.