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    No image handler for type 15 defined


      While trying to save as PDF/A i get the following error Messages:


      "Assertion failed in file ..\..\..\
      pdfInspectorBatch\_Imp\PIBatchAVConversion.cpp, line #836: (pdfa & !pdfe _!pdfx) || (!pdfa & pdfe & !pdfx) || (!pdfa & !pdfe & pdfx)"




      "No Image handler for type 15 defined"


      I have the latest updates and also repaired the Installation two times. No Change.


      As i can see, there is an error in the expression above: instead of "!pdfe _!pdfx" it should be "!pdfe & !pdfx" - there Need to be a "&" instead of an "_".


      But how can i get a fix for this?


      Thanks in Advance,

      Alexander Ole Neuhaus