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    Folder organizing for Premier/AE.


      Hi everyone!

      Could you please tell me how your folder setup for premier AE looks like? With name of folder and drive you use.


      I have 500gb 850 EVO where I installed OS and programs. (finished building of pc yesterday)

      1 TB M.2 960 EVO Samsung is empty for now

      1 TB HDD drive from my old machine from 2010.


      I need to know which folders to create and where to place them, folder for premier pro and for AE.


      I'm a bit confused of what I found on internet about what need to be separated and what not........

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i recommend placing as much as you can on the 1tb m.2 ssd. cache, database files, and media. you can make a folder named cache or scratch or temp, doesn't matter, and then inside that folder make new folders for each program you use like adobe premiere, photoshop etc, and any sub functions within that program like cache, renders, db (for database). i think just about every program will default all files to the c:\ drive, so you would have to go thru preferences for each program to set them to the 1tb m.2 drive and sub folder. if your media files will be taking up most of the space on the 1tb ssd, the 500gb 850 evo will still handle most applications cache files along with os and app files.


          i'm not sure what you would do with the 1tb hdd. its too old to trust with backups, and the ssd's should hopefully have enough space for your active projects. if you were planning on using it for backups/archived projects, i would suggest getting a new hdd, perhaps an enterprise grade hdd for higher reliability.

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            Adamvou Level 1

            Thank you RoninEdits! Everything is cool now. I see your point with old hdd, I will not use it for any important backups, thanks for advise.

            Really, this forum and you guys is amazing, so much help... i really appreciate it, thank you.