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    Desplegar Flash Player con SCCM 2012


      Buenos días a todos,


      Estoy probando desplegar mediante SCCM 2012, Flash Player (Activex, Plugin y NPAPI) como aplicativo, es decir que vengan los tres en un portal de aplicaciones y que los usuarios elijan los que quieran.


      Empleo los ejecutables con la instrucción -install para que sea silencioso y aunque SCCM me da error en los tres a la hora de instalarlos, NPAPI y Plugin se instalan. Sé que usar .exe de esta forma no es la apropiada, ya que lo ideal es usar .msi, pero por eso quiero plantear dos preguntas.


      1) ¿Puede que Flash Player no sea apto para desplegar de esta manera?


      2) ¿Dónde puedo descargar los msi para Flash Player


      Un saludo y gracias!

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          J.Ganz Level 1

          Ups sorry... my fault.


          I'm trying to deploy Flash Player with SCCM 2012, I want Flash Player in an application portal. The deploy is configured with -install instruccion, but it fails... installing NPAPI and Plugin.


          Could be Flash Player can't work with this kind of deploy?


          Where can I deploy Flash Player's msi?


          Thanks a lot!

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            maria__ Adobe Employee



            What operating systems are you deploying Flash Player too?


            Are you able to successfully install the NPAPI and PPAPI plug-ins, but not the ActiveX Control?  Please confirm which plug-ins install and which ones do not.

            What are the file names for the installer files you are using?


            The MSI installers are available to customers via a Flash Player distribution license (free for most use cases).  If you do not have a distribution license, please go to Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe  to apply for the distribution license.


            The Flash Player Admin Guide contains information on configuring SCCM for distributing the MSI installers.  If you haven't done so, please review the guide.




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              J.Ganz Level 1

              Hello Maria,



              -Windows 7 Enterprise.



              -This morning I checked this programs but I have a bad feeling about this... I think the are corrupt, maybe the browser has been opened during the installation.


              - install_flash_player; install_flash_player_ax, install_flash_player_ppapi.



              -OK, then my company have to reach an agreement about Flash Player distribution license. Right?



              - Thank you for this link, actually flash player in his EXE form can be deployed by SCCM... except using application deploy... that's what I'm trying to do.



              I think the best option... is using the  MSI installer.


              Thank you again for your help.

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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Hi J.Ganz


                If the browser was open during installation, restart the browser to load the plugin.


                You're screenshot shows only Flash Player NPAPI plugin (for Firefox) and Flash Player PPAPI plugin (for Chromium-based browsers).  It does not show Flash Player ActiveX Control  (for Internet Explorer).  The version tab isn't enabled, which doesn't display the Flash Player version installed.  The latest version is


                Regarding the distribution license, is to distribute Flash Player (EXE or MSI) within your organization requires a distribution license.  Please apply for the distribution license.  Applications are usually processed fairly quickly, but sometimes can take up to 2-3 days to receive a reply.  If you don't receive a reply after 3 days, private message me the email address you used to apply for the distribution license and include a link to this discussion topic (for reference).  To send a private message, click on my user name link and then click the 'Message' button link.