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    Try to sign pdf document - administrator credentials pops up


      Hi everyone


      Maybe it is an easy question for you but I have tried now several hours to solve this problem but I do not get a solution.


      Here some informations:

      I am using an iMac with OS X 10.10.5 installed.

      The Adobe Acrobat version is 10.1.16.


      Ok here is the actual situation:


      We have an employee which want to sign a pdf document. She can choose where to place the signature and also she can choose where to save the document afterwards. Then a username/password credentials pops up which is asking for administrator credentials.

      It is not a problem the enter the administrator credentials for the employee but when I am not in the office, she can not sign any document.


      On the credential window it says "OS X would like to do changes. Please enter name and password from a administrator" and also "OS X would like to us the keychain" (it is possible that in english it is not exactly word for word - I have translated from german).


      I have checked the keychain and also has open the "System"-keychain, but no success.


      So maybe someone of you had also this problem and has a solution for it? Or maybe someone other can help me here?


      If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write an answer in this discussion.


      I am already saying thank you to all people which can get me a step forward to a solution.