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    Text Layers color change Action

    mirza5313 Level 1

      I need a Photoshop action/script for a file which contains around 50 text layers. I need the action/script to alter the colour of each text layer and apply new colours to each one individually. Each time I run the action, the script should randomise the colours again.


      The new colours will be preset from a group of colours e.g.


      "Colour group one": #000000, #f3f3f3, #76f8f7, #333333, #454566, #d87d56

      "Colour group two": #111111, #c7c8c7, #f9h9d9, #999999, #d3d2d2, #a8aha8





      I have a file containing 50 text layers. I want to change all of the text layers to the "Colour Group One" colours. I run the script/action and each text layer will have one of the colours from "Colour Group One". Each time I run the action, each text layer will change colours again.


      I hope this is clear but understand that it might not be! (I have add an example image to text color change.)




      Thanks in advance!

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          pixxxel schubser MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi mirza5313,

          Do you search for help to writing a script?

          Or do you search for someone who is writing the script for you?


          In both cases: please upload an example file for testing.

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            Tomas Sinkunas Level 3

            There you go buddy.




            Simply add hex colours to colorArray variable and you should be golden



            // Script applies random color from given color array
            // to all text layers in the document.
            // by Tomas Sinkunas www.rendertom.com
                #target photoshop
                // Define HEX colors separated by comma
                var colorArray = ["#000000", "#f3f3f3", "#76f8f7", "#333333", "#454566", "#d87d56"];
                // Collect all text layers in the document
                var textLayers = getTextLayers(app.activeDocument);
                // Loop through all text layers in the document
                for (var t = 0, tl = textLayers.length; t < tl ; t ++) {
                    // Get random color from color array
                    var randomColor = colorArray[Math.floor(Math.random() * colorArray.length)];
                    // Remove pound sing from the color value
                    if (randomColor.charAt(0) === "#")
                        randomColor = randomColor.substr(1);
                    // Initiate new color
                    var textColor = new SolidColor;
                        textColor.rgb.hexValue = randomColor;
                    // Set text Layer Color
                    textLayers[t].textItem.color = textColor;
                function getTextLayers (doc, layers) {
                    layers = layers || [];
                    for (var i = 0, il = doc.layers.length; i < il; i ++) {
                        if (doc.layers[i].typename == "LayerSet") {
                            getTextLayers(doc.layers[i], layers)
                        } else {
                            if (doc.layers[i].kind == "LayerKind.TEXT") {
                    return layers
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              mirza5313 Level 1

              Thanks Tomas Sinkunas for your prompt reply and script... This is amazing script just what i wanted.....



              Thanks a lot!!!