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    Dojo Air

      I'm trying Dojo in Air for the first time. I have created a custom dojo build with the latest dojo source as instructed here http://www.dojotoolkit.org/book/book-dojo/part-4-testing-tuning-and-debugging/alternative- host-environments-adobe-air

      When I tried to run the app in Air, I'm still getting xdomain issues:

      Could not load cross-domain resources: dijit.Toolbar dijit.layout.TabContainer d
      ijit.layout.LinkPane dijit.Tooltip dijit.layout.BorderContainer dijit.layout.Con
      tentPane dijit.ColorPalette dijit.Menu dojox.data.dom dojox.data.QueryReadStore
      dijit.Tree dijit._tree.dndSource dijit.InlineEditBox dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore
      dojox.grid.Grid dijit.form.FilteringSelect

      I verified that loader_xd.js has the proper changes. What am I missing?

      Thank you