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    WTF?!  Confused with new subscription service--help!

    indesigna Level 1

      I have used InDesign (CS5.5) for 6 years.  PageMaker for 20 years (yes, that's how old I am).  I just upgraded my pc to a computer with windows 10.  I was getting ready to load InDesign and figured I'd better call to get an upgraded version, when Adobe rather abruptly informed me that they went to subscription service and to get the version of InDesign and Acrobat I need it----will be $400 a year--every year!  What???


      I don't use InDesign everyday like I used to..... I'm an occassional user.  Acrobat I use for PDF creation.  I know I'm behind in this technology, but what's a person to do that is less expensive?  They said I could buy a copy without tech support, but they don't know where to buy it???!  What?  They make the product but they don't know where a loyal user can purchase it?  So my question is----for all those people who use InDesign occasionally, where should I buy it and what are the pluses and minuses of doing so.....  Same with Acrobat? 


      I thought there were discounts for registered users but there isn't.... I just feel they are so indifferent to someone that has been using the product so long.......  I can't afford $400 a year.   And, I can't start learning a new page layout program.  Too much of a learning curve.  If I was running a big business it would be one thing, but I'm just a single user with one computer. 




      PS.  They also told me that CS5.5 doesn't work on Windows 10.  Is that true?