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    Why do I lose all of my text and book settings when I export a book as a catalog?

    aliciasdad Level 1

      I've created four, 120-page books in Lightroom 6.6.  The images are all located in 4 separate Smart Collections.  I can upload any of these books directly to Blurb with no issues.  I can switch to the Develop Module and make changes to images with no problems.


      However, I've been trying to export these books as catalogs, complete with all of the text and book settings intact, but what I end up with is simply a catalog of all the photos with text and original book settings completely missing.  All of the photos show up in the Library & Develop modules. No images are missing.


      But in the Book module, all of the images are in a random order, with no text and with each image filling each book page.


      I appreciate whatever help and guidance you can provide.


      - Steve