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    resell inside 3d model (3DS Max) - extended lic


      Hello. Is it possible to buy extended lics photos, and use them inside a 3d model made in 3DS Max, to be resell in websites that will sell the 3d model itself that will contain 1 or a few images from Adobe Stock photos? for what I see I can resell with that lic, and it will be a derivated product, as the photos are for example a photo inside a picture in one of the many walls of an apartment, so the photo itself is not the reason the 3d model is bought/sold. but the image will be, probably escalated but as a file inside the 3d project. anyway the lic of the resell will be used so the website/company will sell the 3d model, but the final users that buy that model... can't resell the model with images. is that possible with the extended lic?


      also now the new 3d assets, can be bought and use them inside a 3d model to be resell?


      for example TurboSquid sells 3d models, so the question is can I use adobe photos inside the models? and 3d assets?