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    Missing Arial font in Acrobat 9 Standard




      I tried to combine some files and I got an error message after the combination which read "Could not create the font ArialMt". Other people at my office has Acrobat X Pro and I was able to embed the fonts as a pdf fixup but I can't do that for the standard. Does Acrobat Standard support print production and if not, how do I fix this issue? I also have Distiller XI and I want to know if this can help with the issue.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          The "Print Production" features are only available in the "Pro" version (or when it comes to Acrobat 9, also in the "Extended Pro"), but not in "Standard". There is nothing you can do to fix problems like this in just Standard, you need the preflight tool in Pro for that. Don't try to print your PDF file to the "Adobe PDF" printer (which is how you would engage Distiller). This will always create a lower quality file than what you start out with. If this is not something that happens on a regular basis, I would recommend to just use an instance of Acrobat X Pro to fix the problem, and then go back to working with Acrobat 9 Standard.


          Just as an FYI: Both Acrobat 9 and X are no longer supported, which means that you are no longer getting security updates for these applications. This means that you are on your own when it comes to potential exploits of Acrobat.