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    Text Variable(s) slowing down PDF export significantly


      We've recently created a number of templates for use in technical manuals. One of these is experiencing an odd problem that we've narrowed down to two text variables (Part Number and Model) on Master Page M1-Section. These two variables appear on every page of the document. With these two variables in the document, PDF exports take five times longer than without. We've also noticed performance drops when scrolling through the document (scrolling becomes choppy and program lags).


      A little bit more investigation revealed that the slow down seemed to occur on pages with lots of objects (some pages contain many text balloons). Yet, when the text variables are removed, export speed skyrockets. Is it possible these objects are interfering with the text variables in some way?


      Some of these manuals get up to 300+ pages, with exports taking over an hour. We'd like to retain the text variables - can anyone explain why we're experiencing this issue? Is it a bug of some sort?