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    Acrobat Pro DC Crashes


      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to edit/create a document and almost every time I save my work (quick or save as) an error message pops up saying adobe is not working then crashes. When I restart adobe, it brings up a message about recovering lost work but it never recovers it. This same thing happens when I try to combine pdf files, no matter the size of the files. It seems like these simple actions are too much for the program to handle. I've lost hours of work and cant continue to do this.


      I am on a Windows running windows 10, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program, repaired installation, updates and so on. Nothing seems to work.

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          sb116 Adobe Employee

          Hi Chadd85768050,


          Please share the exact error message that you get and you may share a screenshot for the same.

          Refer to the link below to share the screenshot:



          Also, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the application using the Adobe cleaner tool.

          Refer to the link below for the Adobe cleaner tool:

          Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool - Adobe Labs




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            chadd85768050 Level 1

            I attached a screen shot with the error message.


            Using the link above, I downloaded and used the cleaner tool. After this, I downloaded acrobat pro DC and received the same message (attached).



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              onkesh Adobe Employee

              Hi chadd85768050 ,


              Thanks for reporting the issue. We are sorry that you are facing such problem.

              Can you provide us the following information so that we can reproduce the issue at our end?


              • Acrobat Pro DC Version that you are using at your end
              • Exact steps to reproduce the issue.
              • Is this specific to a particular file or is this reproducible on multiple files?
                • Can you share with us the files on which the issue is reproducible


              Looking forward to your cooperation.




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                chadd85768050 Level 1

                Acrobat Pro DC Version: 15.23.20053.211670


                1. Open acrobat

                2. Tools and select combine files

                3. Add files

                4. Select 1st file (1.17 MB PDF containing text and simple black and white drawings)

                5. Select 2nd file (708 KB PDF containing text and simple black and white drawings)

                6. Select combine

                First document processes then second document starts and immediately crashes.

                Acrobat does not ask if I want to recover my last session anymore. It did for the first several crashes.

                I cannot share the files on here. If there is a confidential way of sending them, I can do that. Both of the files are from the same book, just different chapters.

                The issue only arises when combing pdf files that have been edited in acrobat and have blank pages. This happens if one or more of the files have the blank pages.

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                  I have the same problem when combining files: reported in case 0188649288.


                  Agent Shilpi did a workaround (8 Feb 2017) by recreating the offending file and said problem would be investigated further. NB All the files combined OK using other pdf software (e.g. FoxitPhantom), and also combined OK using Acrobat Acrobat XI Pro, so problem is definitely with Acrobat DC. No solution as yet from Adobe.