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    Controlling Quiz Results

    MidNite_Media Level 1

      I have several questions scattered throughout my presentation with a quiz at the end. When using a Retake option, it goes to my first question frame within the lesson and not question 1 of my quiz. I have all the other quiz types option to Report Answers deselected with 0 points, yet the Retake still jumps back. I do not want to have to re-create all these question types as Knowledge Check Slides. Is there a way to control this?


      Thank you!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That is the way it is designed. I can offer you a workaround, if you confirm that the 'real' question slides are all later in the course than the 0-scored question slides? You'll have to create a conditional advanced action that checks the value of the cpQuizInfoAttempts. That variable is incremented when a new attempt is started, which means it will be 2 or greater than 2 for each attempt except the first. The action you need to link to the On Enter event of the first 0-scored slide will be like this:

             ID cpQuizInfoAttempts is greater or equal to 2

                   Jump to Question1


          I use the name 'Question1' for the first real question slide.

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            MidNite_Media Level 1

            Thank you very much! I recall using that variable a LONG time ago, but forgot how I had to implement it. Unfortunately, I just re-created those question slides as knowledge check slides and hid my question slides - now my results screen scores properly. Guess I'll have to ensure our instructional designers know to incorporate those frame types rather than quiz questions scattered throughout a course. Thank you again for your help!