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    Cannot Edit Text Acrobat 11

    Seanb_us Level 1



      Using Acrobat 11, opening a PDF from CAD software (PDF reports it was created by cgm2pdf), PDF reports ArialUnicodeMS (Embedded Subset) TrueType (CD) Identity H is n the document.


      I can copy text and paste it into Microsoft Word, and edit the text there


      However, when I use the Edit Text tool within Acrobat, I get a message that there is no editable text and the PDF might be the result of a scan. I tried on a different PC (that one had Acrobat 8 installed) with the same results.


      Why can't Acrobat let me edit this text? What's going on? (As an aside, CorelDRAW and Illustrator 5.1 both opened the PDF with text as curves with no option to preserve fonts.)