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    40% off Upgrade Email Botched my Account.


      I received the 40% off of CC all apps Email Today, which is $29.99 a month for a year. I have a another full account but, I needed to upgrade another account today anyway. So when I opened the email I was liking this so far. I clicked on the link and it took me  to a screen to agree to terms and upgrade to the full CC. I clicked the button (you have to be signed in first for the add to take you to the proper page) After clicking it, it sat there for like 5 minutes and finally I just went to my account to see if it went through. Needless to say, not only did it "CANCEL" my plan, it wiped all traces of payments or previous plans I had. So I went to Chat Support and told them exactly what happened. They said ""Please start the billing of the Photography plan. So I can suspend the services. Once suspended, you will be able to place order via the email which you got." verbatim. No, they didn't say Restart Previous Billing, plus I had already told them it didn't show ANY history.


      This person just wouldn't read what I wrote, and couldn't imagine that Adobe's Web Site would screw up my account. I even said, "So Y'all are going to charge me again after only refunding me 50% of the month back which I just recently paid?" So my only option was to restart the plan, so that's what I did. Then, they said because I started a NEW plan instead of restarting the old one, they couldn't upgrade that one and would have to refund it and I'd have to wait 5-7 days for the refund and maybe 2 or more days till I could try the upgrade again and that "I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO HIM" when he told me to start  the plan over.


      I told him, "if he had instructed me that I was to Continue a Previous Plan", I wouldn't have been able to as I told them it Wiped "ALL" my History and they didn't explain this properly and now are trying to blame me that I didn't listen when if their system worked to begin with, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I was beyond pissed as I have some employees that need these tools for a deadline and I can't even edit this account's current plan. Tread carefully when trying to Upgrade an account in this way with as you may end up with a partial refund and no account history or plans to restart. Plus, you may be told by a CSR that it's your fault everything is happening. You can only upgrade to this from the Photography Plan or the Single App plan. Current ALL APP Subs can not get the discount. Deal is good through Feb. 10th. I will be sending the transcript and a letter to their Corporate Office as well. This is purely unacceptable.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi Theingeniousmachine,


          Sorry for the inconvenience !


          I see you have an active Adobe account under the same Adobe ID as with forums. I checked all the details and would like to tell you that Creative Cloud all apps is active on your account and refund for the previous plan has already been processed which might take 5-6 days to get into your account.


          Kindly Contact Customer Care for any other information.


          Feel free to update the thread for any other query !

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