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    Pixelated Vectors and Missing Continuous Rasterize Toggle


      (I've had little sleep the last few weeks so I'm a little loopy - hooray grad school! - AND I'm reasonably new to After Effects so please bear with me.)


      I'm trying to import a vector logo into my project (import + drag and drop), and of course it's massive.1.png

      So I scale it down and it's super pixelated...


      And many of the "fixes" I've found is to click "Continuous Rasterization" but... there's no option to toggle it.


      I've used this exact same file in another project before without issue, so I'm not sure where the pixelation is coming from. I've imported other vectors to see if it was the file, but every test image has also come up pixelated.


      It's the last six seconds I need to finish of a project that has already consumed so much of my time, so any help would be greatly appreciated!