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    PC or iMac for professional video editing.


      Hello all,

      My business is starting to take off and I will be doing a lot of editing professionally.  Its been driving me nuts trying to pick between PC or iMac, every few hours for the last week or so I have changed my mind.  I use Premiere Pro and After Effects mainly, my budget is $4000 which is between either a custom PC or a 27" maxed out iMac.  Im planning on going into film production/post production down the road but not a huge consideration, by then I will most likely have a different computer.



      I would prefer PC but as im going professional if an iMac would be better im willing to go that route.  Whatever will move my job forward.

      The iMac would be the build in 5K display with a 1080P monitor.  (Specs maxed)

      The PC would be connected to a 4K monitor with two 1080P monitors.  (Specs=Beast)

      I have heard there will most likely be a new iMac next month but its all roomer.

      I an experienced with both a PC and a Mac.


      Basically I want to get my job done well, professionally, and I don't want to hurt my career based on my choice of computer.


      Thanks for any responses!