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    Scaling image box pinned to browser top left

    RGPatt Level 1

      I have an image box pinned to the browser top left.  When I resize the browser, the image scales proportionally to the change in the browser window.  Since my image in not located at the top left of the brower, but to the right of a menu, the image scales slower than the browser changes and the browser edge cuts into the image before it should really have to.  I have tried to figure out a way to embed the image box in another larger image box that would scale proportionally with the browser window but I can't figure out how to make it work or if it is even really possible.  One suggestion was putting a image box with a solid behind the image but it just seems to cut into that box prematurely as well.  I would appreciate any suggestions for how I might be able to make the image scale properly.


      If I am not being clear think of an image that is originally 720 x 405 and is placed at X: 235, Y: 85.  I have designed the layout with a maximum page width of 1055, which gives a nice white margin to the right of the image.  If the browser window scaled to 50% and the top left of the image stays at X: 235 the edge of the browser window ends up at 523 which means the image should be 523 - 235 or 288 pixels wide.  Since it has scaled only 50% it is 360 pixels wide.  I'd like to make it scale to 288.