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    Internet Explorer required as default browser?

    Rannveig Østevik
      I just spent some time investigating a problem I had with editing topics in a couple of RH projects. I'm using RH7. When I tried to open a topic for editing in the internal editor, RH just hangs and I have to close it.

      It's been a while since I was working on these projects, so I tried to figure out what I have changed in the meantime. One thing that occurred to me was that I have changed the default editor from IE 7 to Firefox 3. I changed this back, and I was immediately able to edit the topics.

      I tried to find some information about this in the help file (and also searching the forums), but the only thing I found was that IE needs to be installed on the system (which it is). Does it also need to be the default browser?

      Rannveig Østevik