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    LR Issue with CF Cards?


      I just got off the phone with a senior tech rep at adobe who told me, reluctantly but unambigiously, that CC LR had a "known issue" with CF cards importing corrupt files. I had spent 3 hours on the phone a few days ago with a support rep who tried to convince me that 3 separate CF cards of mine we tested together were faulty. I suggested the chances of that were vanishingly small but apparently that didn't translate all that well. She kicked me upstairs to a "senior technician" who called back 4 days (2 business days) later. In the meantime, I had tried out 3 separate SD cards of the same size and manufacturer and all worked exactly as expected. When I gave this info to the senior guy, he again suggested it was a problem with the CF cards. I finally began to understand that he may have been talking about CF cards in general and not just mine, so I asked him point blank if there were problems in general with CF cards in LR and whether it was a "known issue". He said yes, a number of people had called in with similar issues and that they "might" fix it in the next release. They were "working on it". Just to be certain, I had him repeat that CC LR had a known issue with CF cards importing corrupt images. He confirmed.


      Is it just me or is the fact that CC LR can't import images taken from a CF card more than a little troublesome? I mean, it's not like CF cards are a new technology and having a known issue in that regard seems remarkable. I have to acknowledge the possibility that he told me this just to get me off the phone and walk away from my thorny issue (in sum, that ALL attempts at importing to LR from multiple CF cards failed and NONE did so from SD cards), but that's a pretty disturbing conclusion as well.


      In short, has anyone else experienced repeatable, consistent failures importing to LR from CF cards but not from SD cards?




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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          I have no problem importing from CF cards, either in-camera or using a card reader.

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            bob frost Level 3

            Not all CF cards are equal! What make are you using? Nor are all card readers equal! Have you tried different brands of cards or readers?


            Bob Frost

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              matcam Level 1

              Bob, all my cards (CF & SD) are SanDisk. The CF cards are the Extreme Pro line as are the SD cards. The SD cards go into a slot in my new PC and I have been using a USB 3.0 CF card reader called Pixel Flash purchased from the former (at least in my area) Calumet.. Good idea to try a different CF card reader and I'll do so when I get home from work.


              One additional piece of information I probably should have noted in the OP - I had used the CF cards and reader described above for many months in LR with no issues up until say late November 2016, at which point for no particular reason I happened to start using  only SD cards. Last week was the first time I had a shoot using a CF card. My new PC purchase occurred during the period of exclusive SD card use.

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                Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

                I also would be more suspicious of the reader than of the card. I've used CF cards almost exclusively with Lightroom since day 1, and haven't had a problem related to the cards. I have had several readers go bad. Check the cables and the readers, and try a different reader with the same CF card to validate.



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                  matcam Level 1

                  Thanks Bob S.. I'm not surprised you have no problems as I would have thought an issue like this would have long ago been recognized and discussed. That's why, at least in part, I'm not discounting the possibility that the Adobe support person told me what he did just to get rid of me and my irksome problem.

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                    matcam Level 1

                    Thanks Mike, that's the plan for this evening. I will report the results.

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                      F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Add my voice

                      Never had any issue with CF-cards in camera connected by USB nor using a card reader.

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                        matcam Level 1

                        Folks, all of you who suggested it was the card readers vs. the cards were, wait for it, absolutely correct! I'm a bit chagrined not to have thought of it myself but maybe I was fixated by those 3 hours on the phone with the first tech rep who kept telling me things I knew not to be true and sounding like all her advice was coming from a script. Good news is the world has been restored to its rightful order. Bad news is Adobe's tech support needs some serious work. Maybe they'll fix it in the next release.


                        Thanks to all.