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    Can't print from Lightroom CC: 'Filter' failed

    dbdikeman Level 1

      Lightroom CC 2015.8

      Mac OS 10.11.6

      Mac Pro computer

      Canon MP480 USB and Epson 7800 firewire printers


      I recently upgraded to El Capitan. Everything has been working fine. I printed just fine from LR for a couple of weeks. Now I try to print from LR  and it doesn't work. I'm not aware of anything else that has changed, although I did do some updates to Safari, a Security Update, and Digital Camera Raw update from Apple via the App Store. Now when I try to print, I get the progress bar in upper left of the LR Print module, and it sends it to the printer. On the Canon printer, the printer will appear in my dock and then disappear and nothing will print. When I send the print to the Epson, the image will go through the "Preparing print job" progress bar in the upper left of LR, the Epson 7800 icon will appear in the dock with an error alert and when I open it to see what happened I see this message by the print job: Stopped, 'Filter' failed, 1 page.


      I have removed the LR preferences, restarted LR holding the shift-option keys to do a reset. I have uninstalled and installed the Epson 7800 printer driver, using the instructions I found on Epson's web site.


      I can print to both the Canon and Epson printers using Photoshop, and using other applications on my Mac, like Preview and Mail. I just can't print from LR, so I'm thinking it is a LR issue.