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    Scripting images into frames




      I'm beginning with this so I apologise in advance if this seems trivial. I'm struggling to script the placement of an image into a frame using JavaScript for InDesign CC 2017 (ExtendScript Toolkit). On my last line, I get "object is invalid" for the frame - which I've labelled with a script lael "Image1" in the InDesign file.


      Any help would be really appreciated where it seems in terms of syntax I am doing the same as a number of tutorials out there.


      var folder = "/c/Users/d_a_g/OneDrive/Work/InDesign/ContentTest/"
      var myFolder = Folder(folder),
      myTemplate = File(myFolder + "/ContentTemplate.indd"),
      //myPics = myFolder.getFiles("*.jpg"),
      newDoc = app.open(myTemplate),
      myDoc = app.activeDocument,
      myPages = myDoc.pages,
      i = 0,
      lastPage = 0;

      firstPage = myDoc.pages.item(0)
      firstFrame = firstPage.rectangles.item("Image1");


      var myGraphicFile = File.openDialog ("Choose a file");

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          vinny38 Level 5


          I think you should ask your question in the INDD scripting forum:

          InDesign Scripting


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            Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

            Try this:


            var main = function() {
              var folder = "/c/Users/d_a_g/OneDrive/Work/InDesign/ContentTest/",
              myTemplate, newDoc, firstPage, myGraphicFile;
              //Checking folder existence
              if ( !folder.exists ) {
              alert(folder.fsName+" doesn't exist" );
              myTemplate = File(myFolder + "/ContentTemplate.indd"),
              //Checking myTemplate existence
              if ( !myTemplate.exists ) {
              alert(myTemplate.fsName+" doesn't exist" );
              //Referencing newDoc as the document being opened i.e. the activeDocument
              newDoc = app.open(myTemplate),
              firstPage = newDoc.pages[0];
              //Referencing the first frame
              firstFrame = firstPage.rectangles[0];
              //Checking firstFrame validity
              if ( !firstFrame.isValid ) {
              alert(firstFrame+" doesn't exist" );
              myGraphicFile = File.openDialog ("Choose a file");
              //Exit if no file opened
              if ( !myGraphicFile ) return;
              //Placing the image





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              davidg52583218 Level 1

              Apologies - when I searched to find this - I couldn't initially find it. Thanks for the link. Will put any future posts there.