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    .oam menu in Muse - links not working properly


      Hi, I've made a menu in Edge animate that I implemented in Muse. The buttons, apart from some graphic effects on mouseover and mouseout, are supposed to open urls in the same window (window.open("http://www.adobe.com", "_self");), which they do when I preview the file through Edge Animate. However, after importing it to Muse they don't, after clicking one of the links the whole menu disappears and nothing happens, while mouseover and mouseout work fine.

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          Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

          It is not possible to create any controls for Adobe Muse, such as menus or separate buttons, using OAM. Only add banners, open links in new window. Your idea - a dead end. OAM - is a complete HTML document located in the iframe. This is site inside your site, but not a simple object such as menu. or image.


          If you want to do this, you have to make exports from the edge animate to HTML (not OAM). And you should have the ability of a web programmer that would integrate it in Muse.

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            owl7667 Level 1

            Thanks for clarifying that Pavel. Now I wonder what was so hard about making oam be able to trigger elements outside of its own frame. I'll look into your suggestion, I don't consider myself a programmer but maybe it's something I can figure out. Thanks again.