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    Looping a number count




      I am creating a banner in Edge with a number count going from 0 to 1000, then slowly going to 1001... 1002... 1003... and then restarting.

      I have searched the forum and I am using a code that I found in a previous post that works for the number count (see below), but I cannot get it to loop. Usually when I want to loop a banner I go to a specific time in the timeline and insert a trigger with "this.play (0);". This still loops the banner but not the loop count. Any tips on how to go about this?


      Here is link to my banner:


      Here is the code:


      var counter_delay = 0;

      var max_count = 1000;

      var present_count = 0;



      var timer = window.setInterval(stepUp,counter_delay);

      function stepUp(){


      // Change the text of an element