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      I am subScribing to adobe premiere, I cannot find any details about my account when I log in, find out the renewal date, what I paid, what I need to pay to renew later on in the year. I also have more questions. The phone line given on the site 8001076285 was unobtainable. then i called back and the phone rang for hours with no ansa. then I went on chat line support and man called Sonali spent 15 minutes saying 'I will look into your details! '


      THE ONLY PROBLEM HE DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE.     Why should I spend a hour of my time finding out the answer to three simple questions when someone on the phone can tell me in three minutes. PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT.


      This company expects people to spend a small fortune on their products and then when your arm is bent behind your back and twisted, then they put you through hell, wafting through pages of adobe professionals, other people's problems. BRAVE NEW WORLD !

          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Richard,


          I apologize for the terrible support experience you had.


          I understand that you have paid for an Adobe service and you are unable to find any information for the same. I did check the account under the Adobe ID that is on the forums and was unable to find any details of any subscription or product.


          It can be that you have paid for a service under some other Adobe ID. Can you confirm me if there is any other Adobe ID that you have so that I can check for the same and help you?




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            richardt11990634 Level 1

            Hi Sheena,


            I think the error may have been mine in that I created two apple id's i will delete the irrelevant one later.


            The call line did not work though, for some reason. Delete this forum message if you wish as I do not seem to have the option to do this.






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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              That's fine Richard.


              If you still wish get connected to the support agent, let me know.