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    Runnnig script on photoshop CC2017 startup app.activeDocument.close does not work


      I' am using Photoshop CC 2017 and I have a script which I have set via the events manager to run on Start Application


      //This part of the script no longer works in 2017

      app.load(File ("C:/MyTools/Photoshop/scripts/images/setup.jpg"));



      The file opens up but it seems that the "app.activeDocument.close" does not work when the script is run when the application starts. If I run the same script manually via the "File > Scripts > browse" it works fine and the "app.activeDocument.close" works.


      Does Photoshop CC 2017 run scripts differently when being run on Start Applictaion, I have had this script working fine in CS6, CC2015 and CC2015.5.


      Any help or ideas why this would not work in CC2017 would be greatly appreciated.