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    Same Context ID in several CHMs

      Our software product comes in several variants for different applications. For each variant we make one CHM help file, where many of the Context IDs are the same (for example, the home page is ID=1000)

      Typically a customer buys several variants, so he receives several help files Variant1.CHM, Variant2.CHM etc. At generation time we ensure that the ToC of each CHM file contains all possible variants and that all variants are included in the MergedFiles list, so that wherever a help call is made the user has access to the complete help system of his configuration.

      When the software makes a help call to Variant2.CHM ContextID=1000 (home page), the home page of a different variant will be opened; on a second call yet another variant will be opened etc. We have not yet found what the pattern is (this is complex software and start-up takes some time each time, so testing is slow).

      One possibility is to redefine the IDs so that Variant1 Home=1000, Variant2 Home=2000 etc, but this involves a lot of updates to both help system and software. Are there any other possibilities, or ideas for troubleshooting?

      Thanks in advance
      --- Derek