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    Why so greeking?

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      So i checked the preferences and I can't find a threshold text size on screen to set greeking below (a Quark flashback maybe). The only thinkg relating to Greeking is the Hand Tool preference.


      Strangely the same text resized for a banner (860 x 2000 mm) file is greeking at a much larger on-screen font size than it is in the file I pulled it from. But this seems to be arbitrary, not thresholds to set in prefs.


      Screenshot 2017-02-07 22.17.04.png <——— original file A4 (210x297mm) page, quite small on screen.


      Screenshot 2017-02-07 22.17.11.png<——— same image and text rescaled to go from A4 to 860x2000 mm banner. Significant thing is it is much larger on the screen (as you can see from screenshots) yet is greeking the bottom text. The top text on banner file also greeks if I zoom out a small amount.


      I'd actually like to compose this onscreen with out going into AI, exporting to PDF or printing the thing every time I change something!