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    Character Animator to After Effects- Dynamic Link Ram-rendering to slow??

    explanideo Level 1

      Hi there!


      I have a question/problem about/ with Dynamic Links from Animator to After Effects. If you may could help me, that would be really great!


      The problem:

      When I import the Animator File to After Effects it works perfectly and quite quick.  But when I put it into a composition it takes very long and I have to wait because AE gives no more feedback. So it takes a lot of time to respond. After that I can put my scene (animator composition) into the main composition but when I try to let the scene play in AE, the rendering is very very slow. Even with the lowest resolution. Could there be anything wrong with my settings? Or could it be, that AE needs more RAM?

      I may have to inform you, that the animator scene is really big (3 times HD-size -> 5760 x 3240) because I have to zoom the main composition later and the main composition also has some animation done with DUIK (wich gives the problem, that I can not use the continuously rasterize button (I work with AI- Illustrations). If I use the continuously rasterize button it destroys my DUIK- animation and I haven´t found a better option for zooming in on DUIK- animated scenes yet, than using massive scene- sizes. Also the Animator- scene contains a circled PNG- sequence which was even problematic in Animator (it wouldn´t play smoothly, but when I rendered the scene as mp4 it worked fine).


      So maybe my Animator-scene is just to big... but if this is the case, how can I zoom in on it later without getting a blurry result?



      I would be really thankful for any tips you can offer!



      Thanks in advance!


      Best regards


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yeah, that's a pretty big scene. Scene dimensions, PSD/AI file size, puppet complexity, and framerate can all contribute to slow speeds with dynamic link. I'd say anything over 2k x 2k can get dodgy. PNG sequence and WAV is usually the failsafe option, but if you're doing additional rigging that is dependent on the dynamic link then I'm guessing that's not an option.


          I would play with resolution and see how far you can get. Does making the PSD 25% smaller still look crisp enough for your closeups? 50%? If you know your shots, is it possible to perform/record the closeups separately, potentially with a more cropped version of the puppet (if the shot's above the shoulders, cut off everything below and crop the PSD to make it smaller)?


          Hope that helps a little...

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            bobokirk Level 1

            I have been downloading the files (sound and all), and opening with AE.  All goes really smoothly, but I've not done a massive scene yet.