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    Consistentcy with Snap too and CC Libraries.

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      I am trying to develop a template of sorts in InDesign. I've got a layout on several Master pages and have defined placement of resumes by placing a rectangle frame tool on the pages. 3 to a page.    I have developed a library for each staff member in the office.   Within each library I will have a 1/3 page resume and a 1/2 page resume and a full page resume.  I have developed a library template that I can use to make each resume containing the same text type, the same size photograph, and qualifications.  So each text box in this particular template has a paragraph style for the appropriate text box.   With that being said each text box is grouped into one group so nothing should move within the group.  What I would like to do is develop this process so that anyone that works with InDesign within my company can use this template/CC Libraries.  I would also like to get the group of text boxes to snap to the grid in the same spot each and every time when it is placed in the document with out having to zoom in and move the group of text.    In other drafting type programs like AutoCAD and MicroStation one can snap the objects or "blocks" to a specified point within the drawing and its exact every time.  I understand the base grids and snapping as I think I've read everything there is to read and eventually I am reading the same stuff.  But I have yet to discover how to set a specific point for each group of text from the library to be placed in the document.  I understand that snap works by snapping to the document grid.  But I want to set three separate points on the grid for each grouped library.   How do I do that so it is consistent and so that everyone can use it. 



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          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional


          I had similar challenges in the past. I also have several years of experience with AutoCAD, I think I understand your question.

          The short answer is that InDesign Libary elements or snippets do not memorize a set location.


          I used in the past 2 workarounds:

          Option 1:

          Create an InDesign file for individual resumes. Users will enter the text in the pre-formatted (Object Style + Paragraph Style) frames you have set for them, Insert the photo in the frame controlled by an Object Style.

          Each InDesign file is then placed in your main InDesign document.

          As a result, users can update their own InDesign resume, without interfering with the resume of other users, which in turn will update the main one, just refresh.

          When I did something similar for clients, I even got them to use InCopy to complete and edit individual resumes. It was cheaper and there were fewer controls to mess up your design and formatting.


          Option 2:

          In another situation, I used an Excel file to collate every user's resume, including images (hyperlink to an image). Then using the Merge tool I created a layout starting from a table with formatted fields. Very rapidly I had a document containing the profile of 730 people with text, their photos, and some icons.

          Any update is applied in excel, and refresh in InDesign


          Let me know if any solution seems close to your goal, I could share a video with more details.

          If none of the above is a possibility for you, I will try to find alternative ways to help.

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            Cindy@KM Level 1

            I am sorry Eric, but that doesn't really answer my question.  Maybe this describes the issue better?  I want to be able to anchor the Library Graphic (which is grouped set of text boxes and photos) to a specific spot on the page using the upper left corner of the Library (or grouped boxes).  For instance, in AutoCAD  you use X, Y coordinates.   So, lets say this graphic (group of text boxes) I want it to always sit at X = .25 and Y = 5.32.   Hopefully the graphic below describes what I am trying to do....  


            time.  Adobe graphic for forum..jpg


            That is why I thought using the Snap to the Document Grid would be fine, except by doing that it is not exact.

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              Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks for the clarification, in this case, I would create a non-printable layer, add a text frame with the X and Y coordinates in your master pages. So when the items are dropped from the Library, your user will be able to input the values in the ribbon at the top of the screen.

              I would have thought the guidelines you seem to have in your document would be sufficient to snap the dropped items into place.