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    How to have an After Effects adjustment layer apply to footage on the Premiere timeline?


      In After Effects CC 2014 I have an animated logo. Underneath it is an adjustment layer that I want to blur whatever is below it. The timing of the blur is defined by the timing of the animation of the logo.


      Layers in After Effects:

      Animated Logo

      Adjustment Layer - gaussian blur


      When I import this composition into Premiere CC 2014, the animated logo appears over the clip just fine, but none of the blur effects appear on the clip.


      Layers in Premiere Timeline:

      After Effects Comp of Animated Logo

      Video Clip


      What I do NOT want to do is create the blur layer in Premiere, because the timing of the blur is based on the animation of the logo, so it should be bundled with the After Effects Comp.


      Layers that I don't want in Premiere:

      After Effects Comp of Animated Logo

      Adjustment Layer with Blur

      Video Clip


      How do I get adjustment layers in After Effects apply to video clips in the Premiere timeline?