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    FrameMaker topics not imported properly

      I used a trial version of FrameMaker 8.0 to estimate how long it would take a contractor to convert my FrameMaker 6.0 files to Adobe RoboHelp 7 webhelp. I made two different attempts.

      Somehow, I was less successful than when I converted one FM 6 book to RH7 by way of Word.

      During the first attempt, the each chapter became one long topic in webhelp and every bookmark (e.g., FM index marker) got a linked TOC entry.

      During the second attempt I tried to be more careful. All that got me was fewer entries in the TOC.

      It seems the heading levels in the dialog for dividing up the content into topics did not work for the obvious reason that the source files did not haqve them. Instead of Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3, my source files had H1, H2, and H3. Is there a quick way in RoboHelp to change such heading levels to correspond to the FM formats? The topics were produced without any format variations whatever. All the other formats were ignored as well. Can a css be created quickly from the formats in FrameMaker?
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          JainVivek Level 1
          It is not clear why you are importing the FrameMaker document through Word. You can import it directly in RoboHelp.

          You can map styles FrameMaker style H1 to RoboHelp style Heading1, H2 to Heading2 and so on. That allows you to paginate the FrameMaker document based on styles. If you selected convert autonumbers to list and you are paginating on styles which have auto-numbers, please select these styles in the Ignore Autonumbers dialog.