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    At wits end with Lightroom's slowness...

    kevin1789 Level 1

      I've been using the Adobe suite for a loooonng time.  I think my first time in was with Photoshop 3.  Anyway, I'm really ready to hang it up with Light-room. I can not believe how unbelievable slow it is.  I have gone to numerous forums and done what feels like every suggestion on the planet to correct it.  I even went so far as to upgrade my entire machine to a blazing fast system (a few months ago) and it STILL RUNS SLOW as dirt.


      Just flipping between images takes a painfully slow time. Typically I use XnView to initially go through all of my photos (deleting those I don't want) and then I switch to Lightroom to do my modifications.  The photos were initially stored on a corporate network server but when I thought maybe that was the problem, i took the time to move them all to a SSD drive on my local machine.  (I back them up every so often manually)  But it still runs slows.


      As an example, I'll choose an image while in Develop mode.  Wait about 5 seconds for it to change to that image.  Then I hit the crop tool.  Wait another 10 seconds for that to appear.  Do my crop (which works fine while I'm cropping).  Hit Enter, crops quick enough.  If I want to do any other changes like temp or tint, forget it, I have to wait an eternity for the changes to appear.


      Someone surely has an answer, because I can't bring myself to believe this is how people actually do their edits all day.